why work with us?

5G LLC’s unique portfolio approach creates value for carriers and building owners alike.

Experience & Scale
& Scale
Aggregation to Maximize Value
Aggregation to Maximize Value

for CRE owners

5G LLC’s Executive Team has deep relationships with the most respected owners of CRE in the United States.

Higher probability of building lease execution
Long standing relationships with nation’s largest carriers

Community benefit of offering expanded access to 5G

Shorter time to cash flow Innovative pre-negotiated master rooftop lease agreement, developed jointly with building owners and carriers, eliminates protracted site by site lease negotiations

Improved tenant amenities

for carriers

5G LLC’s Executive Team has been a trusted site providers to Carriers for decades.


Cost reduction through efficiencies when wireless carriers work with us

4 Month

reduction in cycle time

We aim to provide simplicity and efficiency to cell-site location and installation processes by offering large, pre-negotiated portfolios of usable rooftop sites nationwide. Our approach significantly reduces cost and time and increases take rate.

Additionally, 5G LLC offers flexible financing options so carriers can more efficiently use capital.

5G LLC has been a trusted site provider for decades.

For Tenants

5G Improves 5G amenities to building tenants and the community at large.


Additional Solutions

Existing CRE and Tower Owners

Would you like to earn additional revenue streams off of your existing real estate?

Want to learn more about how to make revenue off of your wifi?